So you know that excited feeling you get when you find an old journal of yours? (Ok, your sister’s or anybody else’s? lol )Yes. That stir of butterflies and the give-away smile that indicates to an onlooker that you’ve got an interesting secret…That’s the feeling I’d love to have and share with you every time a new post hits this blog.

Some years ago I said to myself that I would publish nothing until I had established my voice,(some random bull I heard somewhere) but then it hit me quite recently that each day I lived , each storm I sailed through, every laugh, every crush, every chance I took, each experience, held in itself something distinctly beautiful and profoundly precious: A first hand account of the twists and turns that have made me, ME.

So I’m here…Finally!!! Sharing my thoughts, hopes, dreams and the like.

Although, I cannot assure you that my posts will be so eloquently executed and heavily-laced with big big grammar,I would like to welcome you to my world: A sometimes crazy, sometimes breezy, no doubt exciting, and a previously well guarded maximum-security prison, as I explore and weave my way through the cobble-stoned streets of Life with nothing but a pocket-full.

17 Responses to “FIRST GLANCE”

  1. My friend, this is a nice way to start. Great things can only be achieved by taking one first step. Nice one.

  2. I can't wait. It's about time babes. I will thoroughly enjoy this!! Keep it up.

  3. Nice one my friend….keep em coming! Av jus followed u….so I'd see u on my dashboard evry time u post something! Yippeee 🙂

  4. Nice one can't wait to start reading, more grease to your shoulders, more ink to your pen.

  5. So u sabi write lik dis(ASTONISHED!!)….could actually picture u saying the words….cant wait 4 more

  6. I don know since say u no get curiousity to see the power of joblessness na im carry me come here so.ok na,we go dey read,well,last last,dis first one try one kain sha.

  7. A brilliant opening Onome! I'm smiling as I read this because I can just see your little face as you took the time to put this together. I can't wait to see where the streets take you. Love you always x

  8. ONOMS….LOL, well am not surprised at all, always had the feeling u've got some explosives hidden somewhere apart from ur great voice though *wink*.I hope to see more great write ups!!!! brownies#

  9. Hey, nice appetiser, waiting for main course

  10. Sweetie am waiting i love the world through other eyes lol its gonna be fun…much much love Onome

  11. well done Miss onome i have to say well started so wen do we get apeek into your secrets lol"!!! look forward to the restjoey.

  12. I could see you clearly as my eyes read 'big big grammar'.. lolWay to go, and keep keeping it real…Tosin

  13. Really cool stuff cousin dear. Show them wotchu gat! Niceee…Really Niceeee!!!

  14. I'm proud ☀̤̣̈̇f U̶̲̥̅̊ hun

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Having gone through your posts I must say, very well done Pam! You are in Purpose and with your blogging you shall seat with Kings. Bless. Sean Will.

  17. Oh yes it's about time my friend!!!!!! Nice

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