Demi’s Day Out

It’s hard to say how I got myself into this.

We had been invited to Port Harcourt for Bola’s second wedding and although, I wasn’t too keen on the guy (or the idea of her getting married again), she was family and Dotun, my husband doted on her.Speaking of Dotun, the bastard had taken his drama to new heights that morning when I had caught him brandishing his manhood before Ufot,our maid.

Bonnie and Clyde days were long over for us. We had been married and childless for three years and my dear husband was starting to succumb to the pressures of society.I had taken more than a fair share of insults over our inability to have children, but to have him even TOUCH the maid was the lowest of lows for me.

I got on the next available flight to Port Harcourt. I needed one night to cool off before he came to join me and we went back to playing our role of cutest couple.

So when I observed the passenger next to me ogling my boobs, I did nothing to ward him off, rather smiles were exchanged and so were numbers.

I arrived my hotel room and true to her word, Bola had saved us a room with a breath-taking view. Two hours later, my phone rang.I reached for it to hear the voice of name-withheld asking if we could meet up for a late lunch.

I think am.

The address he gave was a tempting five minutes away. I stood there trying to make up my mind when Dotun’s text came in, “Baby, lets put it behind us…you mean the world…”

That was all it took. I headed to lunch. Nobody knew I was in town, anyways.

The cafe had a youthful charm to it. We dined like two grown adults, carefully avoiding key questions and subjects that touched on realities that included work, marital status and the like. We were having lunch. Shikena.

For a moment,I let my mind drift from the sad,drab routine my life had become as we laughed long and hard at each other’s jokes until it was too late to go to Bola’s to show face.

I retired to my hotel room with a full fleet of butterflies nibbling on my insides.My back burnt where his hand had pressed against the small of my back when he’d said goodnight to me in the hotel lobby.

I lay in bed and floated into a very dark, hazy place where thoughts of his handsome deliciousness got me all hot and bothered in an 18-degree temperatured room.

My phone rang.It was Dotun.Tcheeew.

Five calls later, I picked up without looking, and had just started to yell, when I heard“Could I interest you in a nightcap?”

He explained that he was outside my door bearing a bottle of Red.

I nearly tripped over my shoes in excitement as I hurriedly put on some clothes.

There was raw chemistry between us, and it was evident we both were curious about it. I let him in and found myself shamelessly flirting with him as we sipped wine and talked endlessly.


As the bed-side clock blinked 12:00,my internal alarm bells went off. No decent married woman should be found with a Man in her room at such an ungodly hour.

I made a case of needing to be up early and saw him to the door. I turned around to say something but was caught in a head spinning kiss.

“OMG,did we just…?

The touch of his lips silenced the reluctant voice of reason. I melted into it like a hot knife through butter as it built into wanton, unbridled, PASSIONATE lovemaking. It was insane!!!

Half an hour later,it was over.

Morning came quickly and I picked out a Hot Red outfit crafted to push the limits of decorum. Dotun would be meeting me up at the wedding and I needed to make him sweat.

Once there, I sat at the back of the hall, nursing my hangover, and willing my mind to concentrate on the ceremony.While the Priest spoke about the sanctity of marriage,i was being tormented by flashbacks of hushed moans and stolen kisses.Soon as the ceremony was done, I went over to congratulate the Bride.

We weren’t that close but idle chitchat was needed to cast out the lingering thoughts of my activities the night before.

“Congrats Bola”, I said as I kissed her cheeks.She giggled in response,”Demi, glad you could make it.How was your night?Did you guys like the room?”.

Another flashback.The room.His arms around my waist.That wine.

“Oh, sure dear.I slept like a baby”, I smiled at her.

“Good Good.She said distractedly frowning at someone behind me.Next thing I hear is, “Sorry, Sorry, I can explain”

Ehn!!!!Not that voice, please.

“Na wa for you, Dipo, how could you have missed the ceremony that brought you home after 5 years?”

“Bola, trust me, you’ll be excited when you hear this”, the voice replied.

Abeg, Demi, meet Dipo, our ghost cousin when no de gree come Naija”,Bola replied.

I turned around to face the object of my midnight rendezvous.

I had instant malaria.

It couldn’t be.The same Dipo?The weird cousin from Geneva.NO WAY.

“Dipo, this is Dotun’s Demi o”, she said as if answering my question.

The atmosphere instantly became charged as he took my extended hand, and with a confused look on his face, said “Hello Demi, delighted to meet you”.


Where’s the ground when you need it to open???

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. Right on cue, out of nowhere, Dotun walked in from behind and grabbed my waist….”There’s the one who stole my heart ”, and planted a firm kiss on my forehead.

I didn’t move. Couldn’t move.

“Dipo-Smoooooth!!!Na only Bola wedding fit carry you come Naija, abi”, he said as they hugged and laughed.Dipo never took his eyes off me.

“Shey you don meet Demi ni”,Dotun said as Dipo found his voice and said,”Yes,I have.She’s gorgeous”.

I quickly excused myself,and  ran into the nearest convenience to cry my life out.I have been sitting here for over 30minutes and I’m certain someone will soon come looking for me.But please oh, what the hell am I to do right now?


27 Responses to “Demi’s Day Out”

  1. drkokomaster Says:

    She should go and c diipo and beg him to kip it a secret oh, and pray dat she doesn’t get preg wit dat single act. I can’t blame her at all, dotun caused it.

  2. sweet turned sour

  3. Never be too quick to judge people. You will be exposed to their temptations. All you need do now is to confess and sick for help.

  4. Meh…………..n!!!!! How am I supposed to know!? I would rather come and sit there with you let’s cry together o, Shoo!

  5. miss karina tackleberry Says:

    Madam U̶̲̥̅̊ won’t kill ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥ oh! Always on point!

  6. Whew!!! Such a delicious story, bt dnt want to be in ur shoes right now Demi, if I were you, ild come out of d bathroom looking composed&start praying&fasting dat Dipo doesn’t let d cat out of d bag if possible beg him afterwards and let’s hope he doesn’t make further demands or resorts to blackmail.

  7. Another enjoyable read. I can’t wait for u to turn your skills into a book. Cheers – Ifuekz.

  8. This is serious! Demi has no excuse for letting down her pants, not to a stranger and not even in a blind reaction to her maid-chasing hubby

  9. Omoruku Ejiroghene Says:

    Really insane. If she had tot it out she probably wouldn’t av been in dis mess. Her husband didn’t help matters but den we shldnt give xcuses for doin d wrong thing. We are responsible for our actions. It has happened so wateva follows, u go take am like dat.

    • @ Ejiro, so are u sayn she should spill the bin herself or bone just like nothing serious happened when or after her husband finds out? At times if we think of the gravity of consequence, we will kill every sense of self justification that we may seek to rely on in doing what is wrong

  10. This is a masterpiece! Ur description of scenery is almost unparralelled. My heart skipped and missed a couple of beats bfore I remembered its fiction!

  11. ……..Half an hour later,it was over. What happened next??? Life full of regrets… Wish it was possible for ladies to tuck in their boobs and bring it out on demand… Lol. Just my thots..

  12. Okiti Tega Says:

    Com on!!!!! Speeeeew!

  13. Okiti Tega Says:

    Lass lass na to confess, if it’s gonna blow, always be d one to take d pin out d grenade….

    • Okiti, leave that thing o.E go heavy for mouth.

    • meeehhhnn!if u’r a guy,then u’r a blast-it-all-2-smitherens type,n srry’bt dt dnt wrk in all situatns.
      if u’r a babe,then u gots 2 loosen ur grip…2 hard babes.damage control applicable.demi jst nids 2 compose haself.
      i snt ds reply cos of d name.r u related 2 a stanley okiti who presently wrks in ph?

  14. u gt luck!1st tins 1st,frm d impression proferred of dipo,mi boi ain’t sayn ish!so,no fear…d main yawah is ur bein able 2 stop yaself frm doin it again…4 mi,in ds whol drama;i 4 lik mk dotun knw say anoda man don ‘tap’ im goods.mayb he’ll re-arrange.cos any man wey dey shw housegal im package nid floggin’…u sef tink am…2 say na twack e dey wen u catch am,u 4 vex reach 2 go twack outside?no b so hin b u marry am?

  15. Just flush yourself down the toilet!

  16. Demi should just X Dipo in her mind.!Thumbs up Very NICE Nomskii!

  17. hmmmm. Stolen food na em de sweet pass.

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