Something was different.

Yes, she was wearing her favourite red dress, and yes, she had on her lucky strappy stilettos. They always made her feel comfortable, but not tonight.

Tonight, something just seemed…. Off.

She powered through the discomfort and set about applying her makeup… Careful not to look overly desperate…. nothing fancy; Smokey eyes and a dash of Ruby Woo… a deadly but sure combo.

Grabbing her purse, she did a quick sweep of its contents…

Condoms – check

Lipstick – check

Vex money – check check.

She hit the road.

The bartender poured her favourite cocktail… Guaranteed to send her head spinning and body tingling…. “The Red Goddess”, it was called, and rightly so… It was a little more than wine and a little less than cocaine. Just enough to make her feel invincible.

Taking a quick sip, she swivelled in the direction of the VIP Lounge to give her potentials a good view of the merchandise.

A few whistles and cat-calls validated her efforts. She smiled with great content, as she raised her glass in mock salute.

Let the night begin.



Seyi had been stuck in traffic for a solid hour and had finally succumbed to the invitations from his friends to meet them up at their favourite spot.

He had no intentions of staying long. There was no reason he should be out late on a Thursday.

Wifey wouldn’t understand.

But it had been a long day, and Third Mainland Bridge was threatening an even longer night, so he spun a quick U-turn and fifteen minutes later, his Camry was tucked neatly in the parking lot.

He headed straight for the bar and ordered a double whiskey…neat.


It had been a clear hour and she couldn’t quite figure out why the Man in the White kaftan had kept looking her way without making any advances…. Clock was ticking….

Time being money, she got up and made straight for the VIP to strut her stuff, and sell her “markate”.

But not before she caught a glimpse of him…

He wasn’t tall, dark and handsome like the books said.

Au contraire…

He was quite stocky, light skinned and geeky-looking…

It was the confidence with which he walked that got her.

He owned the place, for sure. Why else would a man walk that way?

Willing him to see the empty barstool next to her, she hurriedly sat herself back down and ordered another drink.

It must have been her lucky night cos he walked straight over and took a seat.

And without a moment’s hesitation, she whispered, “Hello”….


12 Responses to “Thursday”

  1. OMgosh. My Nomzy!!!! I’m just here waiting for Friday

  2. Hmmmm….#anticipating let’s hope you are here to stay. Welcome back sweets

  3. Says:

    ….and she’s back with a bang! I’m eagerly anticipating the rest! Well done boo

  4. Yaaaaaaaay!!!! She is back. Can’t wait for Friday!!!

  5. Nomsy! Where’s the rest na??

  6. kept me riveted…need the rest!!

  7. Ok……good thing u listened. Tick tock babes…..friday need to reach quick.

  8. Onome why now!! Noooooooo! I can’t wait ooooo!

  9. kellie Nduonofit Says:

    Sister stop teasing and write this story na. Give us this gist. I really like it, it’s an engaging and promising plot. Will they met? Will they do it ;)? It’s set in Lagos the promise of it all. Looking forward to the next piece

  10. Gud one babe. Bring it on….♡

  11. Lol@ ‘markate’. Absolutely lovely. Story well told. Explicit . Real…very easy to relate to. Well done, Lambchops!

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