Later on Thursday

images Seyi nearly tripped. He could never forget that voice. He looked her straight in the eyes and quietly said, Hi, Nims. She looked confused. “It’s me Seyi… Federal, Ikom.”Her eyes popped as she stared at his face. Seyi??? The extremely timid and skinny classmate who never quite got out of his shell till they graduated? Dayummmm!!! They’d had a brief romance back then. He’d clearly moved up in the world. He was an Insurance Broker, he said. Recently married with a baby on the way. “So, you, what do you do?”, he asked. “Oh, I’m an Events manager; I do weddings mainly, and a few corporate events now and again”. “Ah ah,Nice”, he said, giving her outfit a quick but mildly puzzled look. “Oh, I’m supposed to be meeting up with a few friends for drinks but I think they got caught in traffic”, she responded to his unvoiced question. God forbid he found out she was a hustler. ordered more drinks and talked and caught up on everything, the chemistry between them making a steady rise. ******************************************************************************** 11.15pm A few cocktails later, his phone rang. Wifey, clearly . It was late now, and he had to start heading home. He offered to give her a lift as she also was heading to Magodo. She accepted and they headed out the bar like two excited teenagers. She waited at the door as he went to bring the car around. JUST at that moment, Alhaji kaftan finally balls up and approaches her. “Hello, young lady, care to join me for a private party”, he asked, his breath heavily laced with alcohol. “Kai, this man wan scatter everything now”.  No, thanks, I’m not interested”, she said, eyeing him. He tried to convince her to take his card and meet him up later. As she made to walk away and he grabbed her arm and a struggle ensued. “I say I no wan do, oga. Please let me go”.  Just then, Seyi appeared and pried Alhaji’s hands off her, took her to the car and drove off. ************************************************************************************************************************************ You could cut the silence with a blade. She looked outside the window like her life depended on it. Unable to face him, even for a second. Seyi, on the other hand couldn’t bring himself to believe the things Alhaji had said as they drove off. Nims???The Nims he knew was brilliant, and driven. How had she come to be a “working lady”? Finally, they got to her gate and he turned off the engine to look at her. “So, are you going to tell me what’s going on?”. ************************************************************************************************************************************ She broke down and opened up. She’d hustled her way through University, was currently unemployed and putting her two siblings though school. That was her own reality. Seyi was torn, but he didn’t judge her. How could he? He offered some assistance, which she quickly turned down. She was nobody’s charity case. She thanked him for a beautiful night. For a chance to see what could have been between them if their little romance had matured, and for the awkward ride home. He got out of the car, opened her door and kissed her passionately as they said goodnight, her voice choking back hot tears. 12.15 am She sat on her bed for 10 minutes, and cried her heart out. When she was calm, she took out a crumpled complimentary card, and dialled Alhaji. “Back to work, abeg”.

The End


11 Responses to “Later on Thursday”

  1. kellie Nduonofit Says:

    Tease!!!! Lool working lady…. Thanks for the build up.


  3. Nomi this cannot be the end o!! Hiann! Waiting for the gist of the telephone conversation with Alhaji. Lolzzz… 🙂

  4. lovely!! hope you are out of your hiatus and we will get more posts

  5. Nooooooooooooooo!!! This cannot be the end

  6. I hope, there is a Sequel? ?? This is Good!

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