I greet You

I had an awesome childhood. And while that might have nothing to do with the rest of this post, I just thought I’d put it out there.

Waking up each morning was a drag… Faking illness just to avoid taking a bath and going to school was a regular futile effort my sister and I made.

Now, being born of Urhobo heritage, I awoke daily and greeted my parents in our native dialect; “Migwo”. The response was always a “ Vren Doh”. Followed by maybe a, “ How are you”, or something.

Now, you can imagine my shock when I had to spend holidays at the homes of non-Urhobo speaking friends only to find that saying “ Good Morning” was a perfectly acceptable form of greeting parents.

What luxury!!! Disrespect, even.

But of course that shock quickly faded, seeing as the globally accepted greeting, whether you are talking to an oyinbo or your class teacher or a colleague is “GOOD MORNING”.

Now, fast-forward twenty-something years, a silent menace began to creep into our National vocabulary. It began ever so slowly, being used mainly by the seemingly uneducated class, and now, without warning, it is Everywhere; The weird question,“ How was your night?”

Let me state at this point that this post is MY Opinion and is not meant to insult the sensibilities of anyone, but abeg, whats the meaning of “how was your night”? When did it start?, and why have we adopted it? How is it that you now find young professionals and the educated populace adopting the thing as part of pleasantries, biko nu?

I’m all for progress and I understand quite perfectly that new words and phrases are added daily to the English Dictionary, but “ How was your night”? Really?!!

I have had this conversation with a few friends and associates over the last few years. Some find it intrusive, and mildly suggestive. I just think it is plain Ridiculous!

A friend once said that maybe the spread began by people who think in their native language and then translate to English language before speaking but then again…

Hard as I have tried not to respond to people who ask, I have found myself saying “fine” or “ it was short” or just staring blankly in response. Heck, I may even have asked the question myself once or twice.

But,today? Today was the proverbial final-straw. As I drove into my office building, a colleague saw me from across the road and before I could engage my hand in a wave, I was assaulted by a loud scream of…..?


Nah, I just can’t, abeg.

No “Good Morning” again? Straight to the strange-ness?


Another pet-peeve of mine is the “Happies”

Growing up, all we had was “Happy New Year“. Now, we have “Happy New Month”, otherwise known as “HNM”. There’s also,

Happy Sunday….

Happy New Week….

And all these Happy days. Smh.

Naija, we like to greet shaaaaaaaa! That is the simple conclusion.We just must greet.

So, Happy Weekend to you all.


10 Responses to “I greet You”

  1. nnenna ajufo Says:

    And to you too! But u know I’d love to ask you how was your night. Hahhahahahha

  2. LMAO!!! sometimes when someone asks ‘how was your night’ i just answer and say ‘i was sleeping’ with a blank expression. Lol.
    Happy new month is even worse!
    Lovely piece lol, had a good laugh.

  3. Hahahahahaha. HW2U2(Happy Weekend to You too). Kai, I have had a good laff.

  4. Professor X Says:

    I guess its from…did you have a good night’s rest…which infers a certain closeness between both parties.

  5. Lol! Onoms! Fantastic! Hilarious! Na God go helep us with these excessive greeting culture in Nija. How was ur day? Oops! Was that one of the many “how” questions? Lol. Do have a good evening.

  6. Lol… Nice

  7. Heck i was sleeping all night! Dahell am i supposed to know how the night was or i dey fly? May i add happy reading and happy commenting too? Lolz

  8. Loooool this is so funny

  9. ..I totally feel u on d hnm and happy Sunday. .. its totally wierd and honestly doesn’t deserve a response or reply.. kudos to whoever started d crase x

  10. HAHA! never heard of happy new week before but “Happy new month” and “Happy Sunday” always slayed me

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