Birthday thoughts

Exactly a year ago I woke up in tears.

A strange mix of joy and pain.

You see, I had tortured myself for months in anticipation of the 15th of June. My thoughts flooded with broken dreams, lost opportunities and un-realised expectations.

What had I achieved? No measurable wealth, No Fortune 500 company, and obviously, No man.

Our society puts a lot of pressure on us to BE a lot and DO a lot before a certain age. Take that, plus personal expectations and VOILA!!! Recipe for pity parry.

But the day came … and contrary to my fears, my biological clock did not appear to me and start warning me to fly before its battery runs out.

The earth did not swallow me

Thunder did not strike me down

My mom still called to sing and pray for me.

And then I realised I’d been holding my breath for far too long. Wetin? Time to start living. Living a life of gratitude because depression is an indication of an ungrateful heart.

It’s the 15th of June again and today is just different.

I’ve been excited for days. Anticipating my new season. Just dancing in the hallways and now….

It’s finally here!

For the first time in a long time, I woke up with a really deep sense of gratitude and excitement for Life and all the beautiful possibilities that lay ahead of me.

I am way too certain that I have been preserved for a reason, that my best days are ahead of me, and that everything in my Life has prepared me for this season, this moment, this day.

But it’s only because of this one guy called Jesus.

Jesus, where would I be if it weren’t for you, Who would I be? If it wasn’t for your blood that altered my DNA and changed my identity? Where would I be If you’d let me go, every single time I fell…

You’ve been my rock, my pillar, my keeper, my provider, my coach, my cheerleader and my Knight in Shining Armour…. rescuing me from myself and giving my life purpose and meaning.

When I look back, I see that It was you, You who held my hands through thick and thin; You who cradled me on those nights; You who was my light in darkness.You…. It was you

When I look around, I see that it IS you…My Present help, Lover, Provider, Keeper, Buddy,Teaching me, Instructing me…Yeah, definitely You.

When I even try to visualize my future, my assignment, my family, and the many things you’ve entrusted me with, I laugh and hold on even tighter because, My Jesus, it will always be you

Today I can only thank You.

For my Parents, My brothers and Sisters, My fabulous niece, My wonderful friends, My Church Family, My Choir, My Pastor…

I thank you.

No one else deserves my Praise but YOU.

So If you’re reading this, could I crave your indulgence and ask that you offer a moment of worship to My King, My Saviour and My Owner.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

IMG_3762 IMG_8749 FullSizeRender IMG_8184

13 Responses to “Birthday thoughts”

  1. Lovely piece! Happy birthday again, Nomski

  2. Says:

    What more can I say, thank You Jesus, happy birthday boo

  3. WOW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ONOME. I pray this oil of gladness will never dry, joy and gratitude will not cease in you life.God will continually lead you and perfect ALL that concerns you. CONGRATS

  4. Awwwww!!! Wonderful and impressive piece Miss Pam. It’s really been God all the way. Happy Birthday once again. we await the celebration. #winks

  5. happy birthday my sister my friend. i miss u alot.

  6. Yessssss! !!!! Gratitude all the way! No need for pity parries.

    Happy birthday my friend that sticks closer than a sister.

    Love you.


  7. Happy birthday love. I am glad you feel this way. xxx love u

  8. aniekan gamble Says:

    Happy birthday beautiful. Thank you Jesus for my friend, bless her and keep her.

  9. Pastor Iyke Says:

    Happy birthday Pamela! I believe in you. Stay blessed

  10. Happy birthday Onome! God is taking you to greater heights!!!

  11. Onoms..I was not a friend of yours as at June 15th 2015…. oh well an acquaintance. Now, 2016,I have become a sister to one so beautiful to behold, full of energy. I’m proud of who have become and I can not wait f to be part of your birthday this year. Happy Birthday in Advance.

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